Feast of tabernacles 2019

Collingwood, Ontario


Feast of tabernacles 2019

Collingwood, Ontario

All things are ready, come to the feast!

the feast of tabernacles will be celebrated in collingwood, ontario

october 13-21, 2019. 


we personally invite you to join us on SUNDAY, October 13 @ 7:30 pm

for the opening message!


Service on The 1st day of the Feast of tabernacles begins at 11:00 am,

MONDAY, October 14, 2019.  See you there!


Welcome Message

Welcome to Feast of Tabernacles 2019.  For some of us, we may have lost count on the number of feasts we have attended, but for others, this will be our first. Regardless of how many you have attended, on behalf of the Feast Planning Committee , we would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone. To borrow a cliché we often hear at feast sites, “May this be your best Feast ever!” We are working hard to ensure you have that experience.

As “you rejoice, you and your households,” as you hear the messages, as you greet another saint of the coming kingdom, and as you appear before the Eternal in obedience to His command, let us in all humility, learn and grow in grace, knowing that at some point in the fullness of time, we will be living out the Feast of Tabernacles in an everlasting environment.

Canadian Feast Committee


Hosted by: 2019 Canadian Feast Committee

(Picture Gallery below features some highlights from previous years’ Feasts)